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Why Santhuff shocks are less violent than other brands

Hey Guys, here's a quick write up on the basics of Santhuff valving vs. conventional valving.

With conventional shocks, the valves are made of spring stacks. When a certain pressure is reached within the shock the valves open to let oil flow through holes of a set size. Before this pressure is reached the shock doesn't move. This causes a more violent suspension behavior.

When adjusting this type of shock you are adjusting the pressure it takes for the valving to release. Santhuff valving on the other hand doesn't use spring stacks. Our valves consist of ports only. When the shock is adjusted the port size is changed. This type of valving is speed sensitive, the faster the piston tries to move the more the shock resists. This causes a type of self regulating effect. This type of valving is also smoother and less violent. We try to let the coil spring do it's job of supporting the car and use the shock to control the spring.

Our new design shocks are now aluminum and are over 4 lbs lighter per pair than our steel shock. Call us with any questions you might have at 361-364-3169