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Santhuff's would like to inform every one that we can get Strange Brakes and Mark Williams Brakes. If you wish to purchase brakes on your on, most manufacturers make brake kits that fit our struts. You will have to check and make sure the brackets and spindle seals fit. We do carry some brackets if your trying to convert from brakes you already have and can usually get you lined out on other options, just call.

Thanks and feel free to call with questions or comments.

Strange Part #s

Spindle Mount----------B4500WC

2 Piston Hub Mount-----B4400WC

4 Piston Hub Mount-----B4100WC

Mark Williams Part #s

Spindle Mount (Dual Piston)-----73350---$1320.00

4 Piston Hub Mount-------------75010---$1359.00

Customer News - Posted , 2016



Miscellaneous Racing Parts and Accessories

PN Description

COK Coil Over Kit Complete
1313 Aurora Bearing COM-8T Heim End for Shock Eyes w/teflon (each)
1314 Aurora Bearing COM-8T-45 Heim End for Shock Eyes w/teflon 1" wide (each)

T-Bar Mount Kit for 1st gen Camaro Shocks

2221 T-Bar Mount Kit for 4th Gen Camaro Std & Coil Over Design $120.00
2225 Shock Hats (pair) $58.00
2230 Stut Hats (pair) $68.00
BSH Bearings for Hats (pair) $30.00
J/A Jams and Adjusters-no sleeves (pair) $63.00
RSA Regular Steering Arm 3/8" thick x 6" Center to Center Length (each) $37.00
RSA2 Regular Steering Arm 5/8" thick x 6" Center to Center Length (each) $40.00
RSA3 Regular Steering Arm 5/8" thick x 7" Center to Center Length (each) $43.00
CSA Compound Steering Arm $50.00
~ Aurora Bearing Rod Ends 1/2"x1/2" and 7/16" x 1/2" Teflon (each) $31.00
BB Strut Brake Brackets for
Strange Single Piston, Strange 4 piston Hub Mount & Wilwood Hub Mount (2 or 4 Piston)
ABS Anglia Style Spindle Bearing Set w/ seal $175.00
CBS Camaro Style Spindle Bearing Set w/ seal Part # LM11949/LM11910 LM67048/LM67010 seal# 473228 $175.00
SS Spindle Seals (pair) $30.00
CAT C/A Tabs $12.00
CLV Clevis

Fresh Reseal, New Oil, and Recalibrate/ Revalve $300.00
Reb Rebuild internals, no cosmetic work. Required if older than 3 years
Cosmo Cosmetic work (strip and repaint)
DA Convert Santhuff Single Adjust to Double Adjust
CONV Stut Conversions (pair)
Convert Lamb Stuts or Strange Struts (Blue/Silver or Ultra Versions) or Early Datsun to use Santhuff Components. Body is reused and all components are replaced/modifed to accept Santhuff parts and valving.
CONV Stut Conversions Double Adjust(pair)
Must be Double Adjust Bodies
BOD+ Lengthen Bodies During Conversion